Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q - Are the quilts you make hand-sewn?

    A - All quilts are professionally machine quilted using state-of-the art equipment.


2. Q - Can I use other types of shirts besides T-shirts for my T-shirt/Memory quilt?

    A - Yes. Almost any article of clothing that holds a special memory can be used.


3. Q - How do I get my shirts to LoveThemQuilts?

    A - If you are in the tri-state area (PA, MD, NJ), we can make arrangements for me to

         personally meet with you to pick up the shirts. Otherwise, you can take them to your

         local packaging and shipping store or to the US Post Office.


4. Q - Do I have to wash my shirts before I send them?

    A - Yes.


5. Q - Do I have to cut my shirts befire I send them?

    A - No. However, if you do, please be generous around the logo so we have room to sew.

         We use a 15" x 15" square to make your quilt.


6. Q - How do I pay you for my quilt?

    A - You can pay by check or money order.  A $75 deposit is required and the balance is due

          at time of delivery. Please make checks payable to LoveThemQuilts.


7. Q - What if there are sections of a T-shirt I don't want you to use in my t-shirt quilt?

    A - Please use masking tape and X it out on the shirt.


8. Q - What if I want special placement on the t-shirt quilt for one of my t-shirts?

    A - Write your request on masking tape and stick it to the t-shirt. We will send you a photo of

         your t-shirt quilt before final stitching, which allows you the opportunity to move the

         placement of your t-shirts.


9. Q - What happens if my favorite t-shirt I want to use has a stain?

    A - Normally we don't do anything about the stains on your shirts. If the stain is definitely

         something that would bother you to have on the quilt, please note with masking tape that

         you either want us to remove the spot (the area in question will be cut out and a piece

         of matching fabric will be used to fill in the hole) or we can try to avoid the spot when we

         cut the t-shirt (if possible).


10. Q - Do I need to fill out a separate order form for each quilt?

      A - Yes.