Just For You

Who says gifts have to be purchased for someone else? Every once in a while splurge and purchase a gift just for you! You deserve it...


Quilts We've Made for Men

What do you give a man who loves to sit in his chair and read but he's over 6 feet tall?  A personally designed quilt that can be tucked under his chin and still be long enough to wrap around his toes.  This log cabin design was a perfect choice.

Do you have a favorite team?  I have an Eagles fan in the family and this quilt was perfect for him.  Dark fabric and Eagles fabric gave this a very manly feel.

What better illusion in a quilt pattern for a 'handy man' than blocks that remind him of a 'cog'.  This Maroon and gold quilt was made for a friend who had moved almost every 2 years and once he settled down this quilt made him feel like he had come home.

Quilts We've Made for Women