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Meiya's Quilt

Friends of mine adopted an 18 month old little girl named Meiya from China. Meiya was in an orphanage with a large cleft lip/palet and spoke not a word. When we knew that Meiya's adoption was complete and we knew that she was coming 'home' to the US everyone was excited. My gift to Meiya was a 'teaching gift'. Because she didn't speak at all, I thought that this type of quilt would be great for her. She would learn English through pictures. Colors, shapes, animals, toys, etc. are all new to her. What better way to learn English at the same time than with an I-Spy quilt. It's still too soon to know if the quilt has played a big part since Meiya is still recovering from her extensive oral surgery. But from the feedback that I've received, she loves to look at the colors and pictures and the backing, a red flannel, really seems to be what she loves to snuggle under.


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Like? Like? I love these quilts!

Missy B., PA




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