Imagination & Signature Quilts

These two guys found out they were going to get a new baby brother and they wanted to do something special.  So Mom had them make an Imagination quilt for him.  They drew on the white squares of the baby quilt and now every time their brother sees this 'masterpiece' he knows how much his big brothers love him.

What is an imagination quilt you ask? So many people want to be creative but don't know where to begin especially when sewing and drawing are involved. With this in mind, I decided to try and make it easy and I started it with making a quilt that had wonderful design fabrics as well as white fabric squares scattered around. The sewing and quilting is already done for you, making it easier to use your 'imagination' and draw or write in the white squares with permanent markers.


Imagination quilts make a great gifts and can be used in so many different occassions:

Teachers: Just think of all the memories that can be written down by students at the end of a school year and given to their teacher as a thank you.


Family members like grandparents/god parent/ caregivers:  Most children love to draw and scribble. And everything they make is a piece of art.  With an imagination quilt, these personal drawings can be a permanent reminder of how much they are thought about and loved.  Not only will the quilt keep their legs warm as they are sitting reading or resting in a chair, but the pictures will bring their loved ones closer.


Engagement/Shower gifts: Everyone loves to give well wishes, pass on some family advice or give hints and tips to make life easier. At a shower or engagement party, an imagination quilt can be just the format needed. It can be color coded to the brides favorite colors or done in the same shades as the nursery.


Sweet 16 party, graduation party or a good-bye party to a friend moving away.  What better way to have them remember you than your own personally signed quilt. At graduation, you want to remember all your fellow classmates and it's an easy way to write down a special time and place that you shared.


The list goes on...but no matter the special person or occasion, once you add your special touch, you have made your own one-of-a-kind quilt and all you had to do was add 'your imagination' as the quilting is done for you.