Owner & Designer of Unique Hand-Made Quilts, Montgomery County


Lynn Radliff

Phone: 610-416-0073

Email: lovethemquilts@yahoo.com

Why Choose Love Them Quilts?

In a word: Personalization. We know that the hand-made quilt we are creating is as unique as you are. We want your experience with LoveThemQuilts to be memorable and your quilt to be a cloth storybook of cherished memories.

  • We start the process with an in-home visit (if possible) to go over the quilt design, determining layout and placement.
  • Each quilt comes with a personalized label. Each label can contain up to four lines of text. Lines of text normally include the name of the person the quilt is intended for (ex. Jane's Travel Memories), the name of the person giving the quilt (ex. with Love from Mom & Dad), the date (ex. Graduation June 9, 2013) and the last line states it is a quilt from: LoveThemQuilts Design
  • You have input into the color of the sashing and the color and choice of either cotton or flannel backing.
  • You receive an email with a photo of the quilt layout prior to final quilting. This gives you the opportunity to change the layout.
  • LoveThemQuilts is hand-driven quilting, not computerized. We are located in Montgomery County but we service the Tri-State area.
  • Quilts are machine washable. Our quilts are created for your use, not a showpiece that is displayed on a wall or hidden in a chest, but a cherished piece that is filled with love and wraps each customer with comfort and warmth




Frequently Asked Questions

We're sure there are questions you may have. We've tried to compile the most frequently asked questions but please use the "Contact Us" section of our website if we haven't answered your specific question