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Baby Quilt

One Happy Chick

The "chickie" quilt was a happy baby quilt made for a Mom who liked to think "out-of-the-box". She didn't want the normal pale colors in her nursery and she loved chickens. What better way to reflect this than to make a wacky "chickie" quilt. She loved it!

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One of Two I-Spy Quilts I LOVE from LoveThemQuilts



I currently have two grandchildren and saw a great gift idea for each at "LoveThemQuilts". While Addison can only appreciate her quilt for the warmth and comfort it provides, Hayden loves his quilt and hers for the colors, pictures, and stories he can create. We have a lot of fun learning! Thank you LoveThemQuilts!

Memory Quilt for Cancer Patient Memory Quilt for Mum

Memory Quilt for Mum


I ordered a quilt for my Mum's 80th birthday, thought it would be nice. Howeer, I then found out she had cancer. So after the operation for the removal of it (double mascectomy), the quilt became a memory quilt. When my mum saw it, she had laughter and tears, and so did a lot of the family. I even got told off as my mum thought one of the photos had been lost, but everyone saw the funny side of it. It is a lovely quilt, and this quilt will be handed down for the generations to come, a beautiful keep sake. Thank you for giving my family some loving memories to hand down.