Housewarming Gifts To Cherish

Beach houses are a great place to show off your t-shirt quilts and memories.  This quilt was made as a Christmas present 2012 for a family who loves to go to Sea Isle City, New Jersey.  All of their favorite restaurants and taverns as well a family pictures taken at the beach are displayed.  Never did they think that it would mean as much to them as it did after Hurricane Sandy went through and tore up the neighborhood.  The docks where they housed their jet skis were found 5 blocks inland.  The damage was scarey.  Now this quilt shows what was and what can hopefully be rebuilt to create more memories.

Jeans, jeans, jeans.  You can't have enough of them and the more worn out the better.  So what better way to repurpose those ripped, torn, too big or too small jeans than to have a jean's quilt made.  The family that received this quilt lives in Idaho and boy do they need this warm quilt on those cold nights.