Holiday Gift Ideas for Any Age

Quilts for Children I-Spy Quilt

Young Children

Looking for a gift that is unique, educational, and one that will be used for years to come? A gift that children and their parents will enjoy. A soft, comfy gift that (unlike big plastic toys) can be neatly folded and stored away when not in use. Then contat LoveThemQuilts for an I-Spy Quilt. I-Spy quilts can be used to teach cildren colors, shapes, sizes, animals and more. Wherever their imagination takes them...

Quilts for Teens T-Shirt Quilt


If you're thinking you will never be able to purchase your teen a gift they will cherish we have an idea...why not collect the t-shirts they've acquired through the years while participating in school activiites, sports, vacations, and/or rock concerts? Or try photos, sports uniforms, jeans, ties, or even their old baby clothes. Turn these old closthes into lasting memories in the form of a functional t-shirt quilt. LoveThemQuilts makes quilts from lap sizes up to king sizes. Your teen will want to decorate their room at home or college with a soft, cozy quilt made from memories of their early years.

Young Adult

Place Setting