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Best Blankie Ever! - Jennifer R (see comment below)
I Love It! Katy H

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  • Jennifer Roscioli (Saturday, December 15 12 08:41 am EST)

    Best Blankie Ever! I cozy up to it morning noon and night !!

    Thank you so much Lynn!!
    Everyone I show it to creates a GIANT smile on their face :)
    They all want one,,,,
    I told them to tally up some shirts and they can have one too :)

  • Dave Baker (Thursday, December 27 12 09:27 am EST)

    Listen up everyone:

    Step 1: Call Lynn
    Step 2: Find Tshirts
    Step 3: Give Lynn said Tshirts
    Step 4: Wait for Lynn to work her magic.
    Step 5: Give quilt to mother
    Step 6: Proudly proclaim favorite child status with confidence.

    You're welcome.

  • BlakeDem (Sunday, April 02 17 03:35 am EDT)

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